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Visit Roer’s Zoofari

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Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with things to do in Virginia with kids, but that’s why I’m here! Roer’s Zoofari is a great place to visit particularly during a pandemic! They have a portion of the zoo where you can walk through, but there is also the option to participate in only the self-drive safari. The walking tour is also outdoors and tickets are available on a reservation-only basis during the COVID-19 pandemic for social distancing purposes.

Make sure to check for discount tickets on sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Viator before you go!

You can also read reviews and look at visitors’ photos at Tripadvisor.

Check out the official website of Roer’s Zoofari for more information.

About the Free Worksheets

The FREE worksheets for this field trip review the following concepts:

  • Long and short A vowel sounds
  • Sight words
  • Handwriting

Download Free First Grade Worksheets

Free PDF Worksheets: Roer’s Zoofari

Free PDF Answer Key: Roer’s Zoofari Answer Key

These free worksheets for kids are free for personal, non-commercial use only.

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Suggested Follow-Up Activities for Roer’s Zoofari

Here are some related follow-up activities or other items that may be helpful and/or fun before or after your field trip.

  1. Paint with stickers.
    • This book allows children to “paint” pictures of their favorite zoo animals by finding the correct sticker and placing it on the right spot. It encourages number recognition as well as fosters creativity and manual dexterity. This also makes for a great quiet-time activity. Recommended for grades K-6.
  2. Flip through stunning photographs of 2,500 animals.
    • This five-star photo encyclopedia is packed with stunning photographs and animal facts. If you are planning on maximizing the educational value of this field trip to Roer’s Zoofari and in need of an amazing resource, this book is the more comprehensive one on the market to date.
  3. Play with safari animal toys.
    • This assortment of ten soft safari animal figures would be great for getting your children excited about the zoo field trip and also for an educational hands-on activity afterwards. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  4. Play an animal card game.
    • This highly-rated card game about animals is both fun and educational! Your children will discover fifty-two different animals during gameplay. This would be a great activity both before or after a field trip to the zoo. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Suggested Video for Roer’s Zoofari

Here are some videos that you might find helpful before or after your field trip.

  1. About Roer’s Zoofari! by Roer’s Zoofari
    • This is an introduction video by Roer’s Zoofari. If you’re looking for things to do in Virginia, but aren’t sure about this zoo, this may give you a better idea of what to expect. If you have already decided to visit this zoo, it may be fun to watch before actually going on the field trip to get your kids excited.
  2. Roer’s Zoofari Reston Virginia Zoo Adventure by RAPtor Adventures
    • If you want to see more footage of the zoo, here is another video.

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