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Raddish Kids Review – October 2020

What is Raddish Kids?

As the weather started getting colder, I started looking for fun indoor activities for my children. I thought it would be fun to explore different types of children’s subscription boxes and that’s when I discovered Raddish Kids.

If you’re not familiar with Raddish Kids, it’s a cooking subscription box for kids with a Girl Scouts type element that currently starts at $24/month with free shipping in the U.S. Every month, they will send you a themed cooking box with three kid-friendly recipe guides, a high quality kitchen tool designed for kids, a craft/experiment/game for fun at the dinner table, conversation starter cards, and a colorful patch for your apron.

Just FYI, the Raddish Kids apron is not included and needs to be purchased separately. You can get it for free if you choose a multi-month subscription instead of the monthly subscription. When I first saw the apron patch, I couldn’t help but remember all the badges I used to earn as a Girl Scout. It can be really fun for kids to collect badges after accomplishing something, so this seemed like a cute idea.

If you aren’t a fan of the simple white apron, you could always pick up a fun kids’ apron on Amazon like this adorable 100% cotton apron.

Another great feature that Raddish Kids offers is their Bonus Bites section. You can find dietary modification suggestions for anyone with dietary restrictions or preferences that deviate from what their recipes require. There are also free educational lesson plans to go along with the cooking activity.

Anyway, here’s my Raddish Kids review!

October 2020 Frightful Fiesta Unboxing

Raddish Kids review

So what is actually inside the box?

As soon as I opened the box, I saw a neatly packaged envelope with all the materials with the apron badge on the front.

The child-friendly kitchen tool for this month was a measuring cup. I have a ton of measuring cups since I’m sort of big on calorie counting and I love MyFitnessPal, but I have never had a squishy measuring cup before. I think it must be a silicone measuring cup, which was interesting, fun, and easy for my daughter to grab.

We have had our share of subscription boxes in our family, so I am very used to subscription boxes that are packed full of goodies. It was a little bit of a shock to find such a bare box when we unboxed the Raddish Kids box.

To be 100% honest, I think the box would be better with at least one or two more items in the box to help it appear a little more full, but that’s just my personal preference and opinion. Raddish Kids definitely states very clearly on their website what is included in the box.

Here are some photos of everything that was included in the October 2020 Frightful Fiesta Box.

I absolutely loved how they included a shopping list for each recipe and the illustrations were great for helping my six year old daughter as she worked on each meal.

Recipe #1: Creepy Corn Dip

My daughter enjoys cooking with me, but usually we bake together, so this was a new experience for us. Perhaps one of the great things about the Raddish Kids box is that it sort of forces you to make and do things that you normally would not. That is probably one of the reasons why we love subscription boxes.

Raddish Kids review

We decided to start with the Creepy Corn Dip since we were intrigued by the idea of making our own chips. The process was surprisingly simple and fun. She definitely enjoyed making this dish.

We had to make some alterations to the recipe, so if you also got this box, your creepy corn dip may taste different from ours. We thought the chips tasted great, but personally we would have liked it better without the salt. If you prefer lower sodium dishes, I would suggest just completely skipping the part where you add salt to the tortilla chips.

Everyone, except my toddler who recently decided to become a picky eater, enjoyed the Creepy Corn Dip. Unfortunately I couldn’t find crumbled cotija cheese, so I got grated cotija cheese.

If you also cannot find crumbled cotija cheese and need to use grated, I would not adding the entire one-fourth cup of cotija cheese. Again, just personal preference, but I thought it was a little bit too salty for my taste. My daughter had no complaints though and thought it tasted great as is.

This was definitely a fun Raddish Kids recipe to work on and very easy for even a six year old.

Recipe #2: Mummy Enchiladas

The next Raddish Kids recipe that we worked on was the Mummy Enchiladas.

The recipes included in the Raddish Kids box are great for kids. This was very easy to make and tasted great. We don’t typically make enchiladas in our home, so this was another new experience for us. I was surprised at how simple it was. My daughter especially loved decorating the mummies with eyes.

We ended up making ten enchiladas even though the recipe stated that you would be making eight. We had enough extra filling, tortillas, cheese, and space on the baking dish that we decided to just make ten of them.

Unfortunately, both of my kids were not fans of the mummy enchiladas when it was time to eat them. My husband and I absolutely loved them though and we devoured the little mummies.

Even though my kids did not like this particular dish, I think the experience was still worthwhile since we were able to learn a cooking skill. We could always make enchiladas again with different fillings that my kids may enjoy more.

We actually did not make the third recipe because we are trying to cut back on sugary foods, but I’m sure the Haunted Tres Leches Cake would have been delicious as well.

Raddish Kids review

Raddish Kids Recommendation

Overall, this was a fun experience for both my daughter and myself and we had a positive experience with the Raddish Kids review box. I think it was great in that it forced us to try new things and new foods. I think one of the reasons someone could potentially not enjoy this box is if you have picky eaters. My kids tend to be picky–especially my toddler–so sometimes trying out new recipes can be a little stressful.

Also, if you are used to subscription boxes that are packed full of fun things, you may find this box to be a little underwhelming.

With that being said, this would be a great box for kids who really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. It might also be more fun for older kids who may be able to work a little bit more independently. Also, if your kids love collecting things, they may look forward to collecting badges to attach to their apron each month.

If you are a homeschooler, this could be a fun educational activity to incorporate into your day. My daughter is only a first-grader, so I usually let her swap her usual lessons of the day with a subscription box activity if we have one on hand. She says those are the best homeschool days because she is having so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like learning.

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Let me know if you decide to get this box. I would love to know what you think about this cooking subscription box for kids. Happy Halloween!

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