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Korean for Kids

Need worksheets to help teach the Korean language to kids? If you are interested in learning the Korean language, here’s a way you can start to learn Korean for free. Check out our free Korean worksheets for kids.

The Korean alphabet, also known as Hangeul or Hangul, was first developed by King Sejong the Great during the Joseon dynasty of Korea in 1443. Previously, people primarily wrote with classical Chinese characters, which made it difficult for lower classes to become literate. King Sejong created Hangeul to promote literacy in the common class.

Hangeul consists of twenty-four basic characters. Fourteen of these letters are the simple consonants and ten of them are the simple vowels. There are also complex consonants and vowels, which will be covered later.

This fifth lesson focuses on the fifth simple consonant of the Korean alphabet (Hangeul). This free Korean language worksheet is designed for kids. The fifth Korean consonant has an /m/.

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Free PDF Worksheets: Korean Lesson #5

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Suggested Videos for Korean for Kids

Here are some videos that you might find helpful. You can watch the video before or after completing the worksheets.

  1. Consonant (ㅁ) Mieum by Hello Carrie Hangul Korean Alphabet
    • This video covers the fifth Korean simple consonant that we learn in this worksheet set. I would recommend watching this to help your child understand the sound of the consonant in the Korean language.
  2. Writing Korean – Learn How to Write Consonants by Video by Dingdong Kids
    • This short video goes over the proper stroke order for writing the Korean consonants. It is important to use the proper stroke order when writing in Hangeul, so I would definitely recommend watching at least this video.

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