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Before I go into what our favorite homeschool curricula and other educational resources are, I would like to preface this post by saying that some religious curricula offer outstanding content and some secular curricula do as well. You would be missing out on some truly excellent, high-quality material if you shun one type or the other.

I use a blend of both, and pick and choose what I teach. If I see something in a particular curriculum that I don’t believe in or agree with, then I simply pass over it. With that being said, the worksheets on this website are designed to be secular.

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Our Favorites

As the heading suggests, these are our favorite homeschool curricula and educational resources. We do occasionally use other resources, but these are the ones we use almost everyday. For reference, I have a first grader.

The Good and the Beautiful

This is religious homeschool curriculum company that offers materials for all subjects for grades K-8 and a language arts curriculum for high school students. Personally we are in love with the language arts curriculum that The Good and the Beautiful offers.

We also love the science courses offered, but I will say that they were a bit advanced for my kindergartner (now first grader). The history is the same in that it is a bit advanced for a very young child, but we still enjoyed it. Our favorite part about the The Good and the Beautiful history lessons were the book read-alouds. This is actually what led me to develop a love for book-based teaching and learning… hence the creation of this website.

One of the great things about The Good and the Beautiful lessons are that they are pretty much just an open-and-go style. You really don’t need much preparation before you begin the lesson.


This is a secular online curriculum that kids can pretty much do on their own without much parental guidance. We have tried other ones, but this is the one that my daughter liked the most. Some people use this as their main curriculum, but we just use it as a fun supplement. Time4Learning is definitely a keeper for us.

Singapore Math

This mathematics curriculum is well known in the homeschool community as one of the more rigorous ones. I really like Singapore Math because of how it helps students develop a deeper, conceptual understanding of math and a strong focus on mental math.

Code Monkey

My daughter absolutely loves Code Monkey. It’s fun, educational, and at times hilarious! It is essentially a game that teaches coding and we love it. It’s only $4.95/month, which I think is a steal. If you have more than one child, you are better off getting the Home School Plan instead of the Parent plan since it is only $9.95 for up to three child accounts.

If your child loves games and you are interested in having your child learning coding, this is the platform you want!


I really can’t say enough about Epic. It is my daughter’s favorite ebook/audiobook/educational video app and the free version of the app was just not enough for us, so we upgraded in a snap. For younger children who may want to read more books, but may not be able to read well enough to thoroughly read books on their own, Epic is awesome.



This is another digital library that you can actually get for free for one year as a homeschooler. It is a bit different from Epic in that it offers animated read-alouds. Just as a side-note, Vooks seems to have a much more limited library when compared to Epic. I still love Vooks because the stories are beautiful and charming. You can also stream the stories on your TV with popular streaming devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV. I like to stream the books sometimes instead of turning on a show. My toddler enjoys these as well.


This one is actually one that is way up on my wish list! I haven’t purchased this yet in an effort to spread out the cost of my homeschooling purchases. I plan to try purchase just their history curriculum as soon as we are done with The Good and the Beautiful’s history.

Unlike The Good and the Beautiful, BookShark offers a secular curriculum. If you love BookShark’s methodology, but you want a religious version, then Sonlight is what you want. BookShark is actually the secular version of Sonlight. Being a huge fan of book-based learning, you could only imagine how much I want this curriculum. I actually enjoy incorporating both religious and secular curricula into our homeschool learning since I like being able to present both sides of the picture.

I will update this list as we continue homeschooling and discovering new awesome homeschool curricula and other homeschool resources.

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