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Get Vooks for Free!

If you haven’t heard of VOOKS, it’s a beautiful ad-free streaming library of animated storybooks. It is integrated with popular streaming services such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, so you can easily stream the animations onto your TV. The app is totally kid-safe and ad-free, and the story quality is great. They actually even offer full lesson plans that you can do after you read the books. At $4.99/month or $49.99/year, it’s not a bad deal. The library does seem vastly smaller than Epic’s.

But hey, it’s free for one year for teachers and that includes homeschool teachers! The process was simple and the verification process was very quick. Who doesn’t love free trials especially when they are ONE YEAR LONG?!!

Both my older and younger children enjoy reading and watching the animated stories on VOOKS. I think read-aloud or read-along type books are perfect for younger children who may not be able to read yet or are perhaps not as strong at reading. The more exposure they get to the words as they read along, the better they will become at reading as they learn to recognize the words.

Happy reading!

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