Comics and manga bundle. Humble Bundle.

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$451 Value Comics and Manga Bundle for Only $15

Parents! If you have children who love to draw, then don’t miss this AMAZING comics and manga bundle at Humble Bundle! There are only EIGHTEEN HOURS LEFT before this bundle expires. Humble Bundle offers are limited-time offers.

You can get this brand-new book bundle that includes $451 worth of How To Draw type of books for drawing comics and manga. Get seven books for $1, fifteen books for $8, or all twenty-five PDF drawing books for $15. Check out the sample pages for each book by heading to the special bundle page.

How Does It Work?

The way this works is that Humble Bundle offers three tiers for purchasing the comics and manga bundle. Humble Bundle operates on a pay what you want model. You can choose where your money goes between the publisher (in this case Quarto), three charities (Maker Education Initiative, Teach for America, and Every Child a Reader), or the Worksheet Nerd (yours truly).

What are the Tiers of the Comic and Manga Bundle?

The first tier of the CREATE Comics and Manga Bundle includes SEVEN different PDF how to draw books. You can get all seven of these books by paying $1 or more. The books included in the first tier include drawing books on how to draw cool cars, manga chibis, manga, magical, monstrous and mythological creatures, how to draw vampires, cartoon character design, and more on cartooning.

Comics and manga bundle. Humble Bundle.

The second tier of the CREATE Comics and Manga Bundle includes EIGHT MORE PDF books. These include how to draw books covering topics like how to draw cars, 1,000 increditble costume and cosplay ideas, drawing in black and white, how to draw with a ballpoint pen, drawing manga chibi, characters, critters, and scenes, drawing fairies, how to draw zombies, and the art of drawing people. You can unlock this tier of then comics and manga bundle by paying $8 or more.

Comics and manga bundle. Humble Bundle.

The last tier of the CREATE Comics and Manga Bundle includes TEN MORE PDF books. These books cover topics like how to draw faces and figures, drawing comics, chibi art, 100 things every artist should know, inking florals, drawing dragons and fantasy, drawing manga heroines and heroes, drawing perspective methods, drawing figures, and drawing your own comic book characters.

Comics and manga bundle. Humble Bundle.

Check out the website to see what’s included. You can see sample pages from every book included in the bundle.

If you haven’t shopped at Humble Bundle before, prepare to be amazed and to pay what you want. The minimum you need to pay is $15 for all twenty five drawing books, but since it is a pay what you want model, you’ll be able to adjust the amount at the end to more if you would like to support the creators, charities, and partners.


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